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Why Workspot VDI?

Seeing is believing; watch these key Workspot VDI demos now!


Watch these key Workspot VDI demos to see the Workspot difference. We have reinvented end-user computing with a modern platform, built from scratch for the multi-cloud era. We designed the platform to reduce deployment and operational complexity by 10x. With Workspot, you can stream virtual apps and desktops from your data center, from a public cloud, or any combination.

Start your pilot in one day, and go live with your first use case in 45 days! You’ll deliver the highest level of user satisfaction with our intelligent platform. Watch these curated demos to see why our customers awarded us an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80!

The Enterprise VDI Platform

Deploy virtual desktops and apps across multiple clouds and cloud regions, or choose a hybrid approach that includes your own data center. Manage the entire estate – globally – from a single pane of glass. Watch how we provision desktops – in minutes!

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Experience the simplicity of virtual desktop deployment and management with Workspot Control.

Real-time, Actionable Alerts with Workspot Watch™

End-to-end telemetry of all platform components enables 24×7 global observability. Business intelligence surfaces problems – end user connectivity, IaaS cost overruns, etc. – in real-time. And then deep tracing helps you understand and resolve the root cause faster.

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Workspot Watch helps you find and resolve problems faster.

Keep Users Productive with Workspot Trends™

Built-in end user surveys reveal user satisfaction trends over time. Compare key performance metrics for happy vs. unhappy users, either individually or as a group, then optimize individual users’ or desktop pool configurations to keep people happy and productive.

Workspot Trends reveals user satisfaction insights and key system metrics.

Industry-Leading 99.99% Availability

We invented Workspot Global Desktop™ so you can achieve the ultimate virtual desktop and app reliability. In the event that an end user’s primary virtual desktop becomes unavailable for any reason, they won’t even know when they seamlessly connect to a secondary desktop in your datacenter, in a different region of the same cloud, or in another cloud. It just works.

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Now you can deliver the highest virtual desktop and app availability.

Flawless Performance Power Users Love

“We’re seeing ridiculous speed with Workspot,” says CIO Andy Knauf. When your powers users are happy with performance, everyone else will be too. Show us your toughest workload, and we’ll show you how we make it fly by placing virtual desktops within 50ms of every end user, no matter where they are located.

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See the side-by-side comparison of a GPU-powered virtual desktop in the cloud and a physical workstation.