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End User Computing is a Challenge for Education Institutions

Education institutions need to provide students with a stress-free learning environment. In today’s online world, students need secure, 24×7, remote access to their learning resources so they can complete their project assignments and homework from anywhere and on any device, including their own personal devices. Faculty members and administrative staff also need secure access to apps and data to serve the needs of their students.

Physical PCs and legacy VDI bring too much complexity along with high costs, and they demand IT resources that could be allocated more strategically.

Support Anytime, Anywhere Learning with Cloud PCs

Workspot’s SaaS Cloud PC platform makes it easy for IT teams to provide secure access to Windows 10/11 Cloud PCs, high-performance cloud workstations or just a few applications to suit the unique needs of each student and educator. Now people can work and study from any location using their device of choice and be confident about reliability and great performance. IT teams benefit from simplified management via a single admin console, plus layered security that better protects sensitive data.

In addition to providing students with a great user experience, Workspot SaaS Cloud PC solutions are known for their low TCO, saving education institutions money by reducing upfront capital expenses. Flexibility to spin Cloud PC resources up or down on-demand as the student population changes is a significant Workspot innovation that provides new levels of agility and cost-optimization for education institutions.

Benefits of Cloud PCs for Education

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform enables IT to securely deliver Cloud PCs, applications, and high-performance GPU cloud workstations to students and faculty from any location, on any device.

  • Deploy in days – no expensive consultants needed
  • Access to GPU-enabled cloud workstations from anywhere, at anytime, on any device
  • Single pane of glass to manage virtual apps and persistent/non-persistent desktops
  • Replace physical desktops and workstations in classrooms and labs with thin clients
  • Reallocate IT resources and reduce overall end user computing TCO
  • Instantly provision Cloud PCs and workstations to accommodate peak demand and seasonal education courses



Education institutions can deliver Cloud PCs from Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud to dramatically simplify end user computing.


“Now, engineers can collaborate with colleagues almost anywhere, and we don’t incur the cost to replicate terabytes of data across their locations.”

Israel Sumano, Senior Director of Infrastructure Services, Southland Industries

“Workspot is the only way to deliver the kind of user experience that keeps our CAD engineers and my IT team happy and productive.”

Eric Quinn, CTO, C&S Companies

“The ROI makes Workspot a no-brainer.”

Brian Nordmann, CIO, Dudek

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