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Free Pilot – Workspot on Amazon WorkSpaces Core – 200 Desktops for 30 Days!

Workspot on Amazon WorkSpaces Core – Free Pilot of 200 Desktops for 30 Days!

Take a quick look at this 60 minute webinar distilled down into to 7 minutes! Find out how Workspot and AWS, together, offer a modern VDI platform delivering virtual desktops running in your datacenter and in Amazon WorkSpaces Core.


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Check out this 7-minute Webinar segment and learn more about Workspot on Amazon WorkSpaces Core.

Workspot and AWS

Workspot and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have partnered to stream enterprise-ready Windows 10/11 virtual desktops  to end users, wherever they are working. A fully-customizable, unified DaaS platform, Workspot on AWS meets the complex requirements of large, distributed organizations, making it easy for IT teams to support remote and hybrid work.

To meet enterprise requirements for modern end user computing, Workspot’s innovative platform for delivering virtual desktops as a service from the cloud uses Amazon WorkSpaces Core APIs and EC2 with Dedicated Hosts, enabling customers to leave behind old-school end user computing and take advantage of the massive scalability, reinforced security and outstanding performance of modern DaaS.




Together, Workspot and AWS offer a highly secure and scalable platform for delivering virtual desktops and apps, ready for large enterprises.

Integration with Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Workspot has integrated with Amazon WorkSpaces Core APIs. The integration allows Workspot customers to easily deploy virtual desktops and scale across AWS cloud regions quickly. This integration combines Workspot’s enterprise-grade, exceptionally reliable, global DaaS platform with Amazon’s deep knowledge and experience operating virtual desktop infrastructure on a massive scale across Amazon Web Services regions.

With Workspot, IT teams can create thousands of Windows 10/11 virtual desktops across multiple AWS regions quickly and then easily manage them all from a single admin console. Your users simply access their virtual desktop from their device of choice – ChromeOS, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows or HTML5, no matter where they are working.


Workspot virtual desktops on AWS offer outstanding performance and customizability to meet enterprise needs.

Fully Customizable and Enterprise-Hardened

Being enterprise-ready means we don’t disrupt your current IT processes. Workspot can integrate with the IT tools you already use. When you deploy virtual desktops on AWS via Workspot, you can use your existing Windows 10/11 image and your existing MFA and security solutions. Unlike other virtual desktops solutions, we don’t require you to change the security and management tools you’ve already carefully chosen. Manage your new virtual desktops just like you manage your other PCs!

Customizability extends to pricing too. Our no-surprises, flat-rate pricing may be the best option for some use cases. Other use cases may be better suited for consumption pricing because of usage patterns that are unique to that use case. Having the flexibility to apply the best pricing model for each use case is key to optimizing end user computing costs. Workspot pricing also includes a choice of multiple virtual desktop configurations to suit each user’s needs, as well as professional Go-Live Deployment Services and standard support.

Multi-Region Deployment for Unbeatable Performance & Agility

Workspot places each virtual desktop in the AWS cloud region nearest the end user, so latency is minimized, and users experience great performance. Providing the best end user computing environment is paramount for maximum productivity and employee retention. Plus, there’s no need to set up complicated infrastructure in a branch office – in fact you don’t need branch offices at all!

With Workspot’s unified DaaS platform, IT teams can spin up new virtual desktops in minutes, anywhere in the world, providing organizations with the flexibility and agility needed to address modern business requirements, hire the best people no matter where they live and enable them with anywhere-, anytime-, any device-productivity, and pursue new revenue opportunities beyond prior geographical boundaries.

Deploy Windows 10/11 virtual desktops into multiple cloud regions for low-latency, high-performance access.

Comprehensive Virtual Desktop Observability is Essential

Workspot assumes responsibility for the reliability of your virtual desktops. With our Global Desktop™  feature you can achieve the industry-leading 99.99% virtual desktop availability. Plus, our sophisticated data collection, analysis and correlation engine, Workspot Watch™, fuels our Network Operations Center (NOC) which operates 24 x 7 to provide  our Support Team and with unified, real-time visibility into the behavior of every Workspot virtual desktop globally. If we see an issue brewing, with your virtual desktop estate, our team can proactively alert your IT team to help avoid a loss in user productivity. Each customer IT team also has direct access to the Workspot Watch portal for their implementation so you can stay in control.

Even more powerful is our ability to parse millions of data points to identify patterns that could indicate a security risk, or if a recent operating system or application update is causing problems across our user base, we’re positioned to escalate that with the vendor expeditiously. Strengthening your overall business SLA to keep your business up and running is job #1 for our Customer Support Team.

The Workspot Watch big data engine analyzes system behavior in real-time.

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