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Securely access EMRs from anywhere on any device
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Modern, Enterprise VDI for Healthcare

The Workspot Enterprise VDI platform engineered for simplicity delivers enterprise-class virtual apps, desktops, and workstations from on-premises datacenters as well as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. We offer rapid time-to-value and a broad range of security and end user experience benefits, with flat-rate license pricing that includes the Workspot cloud control plane and unmatched Go-Live Deployment Services.

Healthcare IT needs to deliver secure, mobile access to EMR applications for doctors, nurses, and administrative staff, while security, regulatory compliance and growth strategies are of utmost importance for CIOs. Consistently strong performance and high reliability is also required, especially at the point of care.

With Workspot VDI, workstations and apps delivered from your datacenter or the cloud enable healthcare end-users to securely access a full, virtual Windows 10 or 11 desktop or just the individual apps they need to perform their work. Hospitals, clinics, and multi-location practices can provide people with the flexibility to work from any location with secure access to EMR apps and patient clinical records on any device, including BYOD.

Healthcare organizations can run their desktop workloads securely across cloud regions around the world for maximum flexibility and resilience, and IT processes are simplified through single pane of glass management that cohesively controls and observes apps and desktops serviced by VMs on-prem or in the cloud.

Benefits of Workspot VDI for Healthcare

Workspot’s enterprise VDI platform provides many benefits to healthcare organizations, including:

  • Mobility: Doctors, surgeons, physician’s assistants, nurses, radiologists, design engineers, and administrators can work from anywhere with instant and secure access to relevant data (patient data, healthcare records, x-ray images, 3D graphic models) and EMR applications from any location (reception desk, examination room, patient room, doctor’s office, home), on any device
  • Accelerated results: Rapid processing of complex and graphics-intensive images
  • Data security: Confidential patient and healthcare records remain secure in the customer’s datacenter or in the cloud
  • IT simplicity: Replace expensive, inflexible, sluggish and complex legacy VDI and BYOD solutions with a more secure, flexible, reliable, and high-performance solution
  • Lower TCO: Reduce CapEx and lower OpEx, infrastructure investments, continuous upgrades, and maintenance; hardware refresh cycles are history

“The speed of our systems increased dramatically, saving us 60 minutes per doctor per day.” Tom Merkle – Director of IT, Houston Eye Associates


“Now, engineers can collaborate with colleagues almost anywhere, and we don’t incur the cost to replicate terabytes of data across their locations.”

Israel Sumano, Senior Director of Infrastructure Services, Southland Industries

“Workspot is the only way to deliver the kind of user experience that keeps our CAD engineers and my IT team happy and productive.”

Eric Quinn, CTO, C&S Companies

“The ROI makes Workspot a no-brainer.”

Brian Nordmann, CIO, Dudek

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