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Workspot and Nutanix, Better Together!

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Nutanix and Workspot Partnership

Global VDI ecosystem leaders Nutanix and Workspot are strengthening their partnership to offer a joint solution enabling customers to thrive within today’s hybrid world. The combined Nutanix/Workspot solution reduces VDI complexity and simplifies VDI management and operations, freeing IT teams to focus on their business outcomes while enabling stellar VDI end-user digital experiences (DEX).

As a global leader in cloud software, Nutanix offers organizations a single platform for running apps and data across clouds. Long known for its innovation in hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), Nutanix is powering global hybrid multicloud workloads, including VDI, consistently, simply, and cost-effectively.


Your Welcome Message from Mark Templeton, Former Citrix CEO, now Workspot Board Chair, and Nutanix Board Member

Workspot/Nutanix – Hybrid Multicloud VDI

The Workspot cloud-native enterprise VDI platform is engineered for simplicity, that delivers enterprise-class virtual desktops and apps across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers to any device. Workspot’s VDI is the only cloud-native solution that operates across all the major public clouds – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud – as well as on-premises data centers, including those powered by Nutanix.

Today’s current VDI market landscape is undergoing a high degree of uncertainty as traditional VDI technology providers struggle to keep customers satisfied in the wake of recent large M&A transactions. Organizations within key industries like financial services, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing just to name a few, are looking for integrated VDI solutions that can offer quick relief to companies who may feel stagnant or even trapped within their current legacy VDI environments.


Solve for any use case delivering virtual desktops and apps, to any user, anywhere.

Workspot/Nutanix – Global Deployments

The combination of Nutanix and Workspot offers an end-to-end solution that is ideal for today’s widely distributed workforces in a dynamic, ever-changing hybrid multicloud world. People are accessing a greater variety of apps and workloads than ever before, and IT teams must offer platforms designed to take full advantage of hybrid on-prem and cloud-based resources with the highest levels of security, performance, and efficiency, readily accessed by anyone using any device from anywhere. And the strong global multicloud presence of both Nutanix and Workspot means end-users can enjoy an outstanding digital experience from almost anywhere on the planet.

From a single pane of glass, Workspot manages desktops/apps globally on Nutanix Hybrid Multicloud Infrastructure.

Join the Workspot team at Nutanix .NEXT 2024

Workspot is very happy to be a Gold sponsor of the Nutanix .NEXT 2024 event in Barcelona, from Tuesday through Thursday, May 21-23, 2024.

While at the event, we’ll host Executive Briefing Center (EBC) sessions with our Workspot Executive team, and Mark Templeton (former Citrix CEO, now Workspot Board Chair) will join us Live via Zoom!

Don’t miss you chance to speak with Mark. He’ll share his impressions of the recent EUC market changes, his decision to became our Workspot Board Chair, and his thoughts on this hybrid multicloud world of ours where Workspot and Nutanix are Better Together!


Mark Templeton EBC Barcelona Invitation!

Workspot/Nutanix – Combined Solution Advantages

The combined solution offers the following unique cloud-native VDI platform advantages:

  • Nutanix innovation and global leadership in hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Workspot innovation and global leadership in hybrid multicloud VDI platforms
  • Efficient, massively scalable Nutanix integrated unified storage
  • Cost-effective delivery of virtual apps and desktops on a massive scale
  • Powerful yet simple management and control
  • Hybrid multicloud focus = VMs running on-premises, and on any cloud, anywhere
  • Zero trust security from on-prem and cloud VMs to end-users’ endpoint devices, globally
  • Industry leading business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Market leading deep VDI per-session insight and observability

Together, Workspot and Nutanix offer a VDI solution that provides hybrid multicloud choice on private or public clouds with the deepest level of VDI observability and analytics. For organizations looking to enable their people to work from anywhere while retaining precise management and control, Nutanix and Workspot represent a modern VDI platform designed for the hybrid multicloud world – for today and tomorrow.

Cloud-native Workspot Control with Nutanix running virtual desktops and apps on-prem or on any cloud.

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