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The Enterprise VDI Platform
Engineered for Simplicity

Stream virtual applications and desktops from your datacenter and public clouds to any device.


The Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform is a cloud-native solution designed from the ground up to
radically simplify outdated VDI and reduce the cost of end-user computing (EUC). Modernizing VDI
is a high-return IT investment. For operational simplicity without compromises and the
flexibility needed to address all your use cases, Workspot has you covered.

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Deploy virtual desktops and apps across multiple clouds and cloud regions, or choose a hybrid approach that includes your own data center. Manage the entire estate – globally – from a single pane of glass. Watch how we provision desktops – in minutes!

Read about Workspot Control™.

SPECIAL! Apply for a Free Pilot of Workspot on Amazon WorkSpaces Core, that’s 200 desktops for 30 days!

AWS Webinar: Join us Feb 29, 2024; Leap into Modern, Secure, High-Performance VDI w/ AWS, SoftwareOne, & Workspot

With Workspot Control™, experience the simplicity of virtual desktop deployment and management.

Engineered to Deliver Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Worried about a new VDI platform because the past it took you months to pilot and multiple quarters to go to production? Don’t be. Workspot Enterprise VDI platform was engineered for simplicity. Start a pilot in a day and go to production in 45 days.

Contact Workspot and run your Free VDI ROI Calculation, today!

Our Enterprise VDI Platform is engineered for simplicity and will save you 55% on Software and 75% on Operations.

Flawless Performance Power Users Love

“We’re seeing ridiculous speed with Workspot,” says CIO Andy Knauf. When your powers users are happy with performance, everyone else will be too. Show us your toughest workload, and we’ll show you how we make it fly by placing virtual desktops within 50ms of every end user, no matter where they are located.

Read about Workspot Performance.

Side-by-side comparison of a GPU-powered virtual cloud desktop and a physical workstation.

Real-time, Actionable Alerts with Workspot Watch™

End-to-end telemetry of all platform components enables 24×7 global observability. Business intelligence surfaces problems – end user connectivity, IaaS cost overruns, etc. – in real-time. And then deep tracing helps you understand and resolve the root cause faster.

Read about Workspot Watch™.

Workspot Watch™ helps you find and resolve problems faster.

168飞艇全国统一开奖直播 + 开奖直播记录体彩网 Keep Users Productive with Workspot Trends™

Built-in end user surveys reveal user satisfaction trends over time. Compare key performance metrics for happy vs. unhappy users, either individually or as a group, then optimize individual users’ or desktop pool configurations to keep people happy and productive.

Read about Workspot Trends™.

Workspot Trends™ reveals user satisfaction insights and key system metrics.

Industry-Leading 99.99% Availability

We invented Workspot Global Desktop™ so you can achieve the ultimate virtual desktop and app reliability. In the event that an end user’s primary virtual desktop becomes unavailable for any reason, they won’t even know when they seamlessly connect to a secondary desktop in your datacenter, in a different region of the same cloud, or in another cloud. It just works.

Read about Workspot Global Desktop™.

With Workspot Global Desktop™, now you can deliver the highest virtual desktop and app availability.

Trusted By Global Customers

Through our collaboration with Workspot and Google Cloud, we are reducing time spent from acquisition to integration by 50%.  We’re able to continue building our teams with minimal disruptions and without increasing the size of the IT department.”

Hannes Gutmeier, Head of Group IT and CIO at SORAVIA

Our IT team manages the global Workspot deployment from a single pane of glass; a transformational capability that is not possible with any other virtual desktop solutions on the market.”

Steve Crawford, Senior Cloud Infrastructure Manager, Landis+Gyr

Workspot not only gave us the agility to scale quickly during the pandemic, but it also provides ongoing value to hire the best employees in any location, with an optimal end user experience.”

Scott Funk, IT Mgr, Global Finishing Solutions – Mfg

If we did not have the Workspot solution, it would not be possible to access the applications with such high performance, and it would be difficult for the engineers to work productively.”

Helio Takahashi, Project Dir, Röhm America – Mfg

Workspot brought ease of use to a solution that has been very cumbersome in the past. The solution is easy to deploy, simple to use and maintain, and the GPU-accelerated workstations can be deployed in any region of Azure around the world, which delivers stellar performance to our power users.”

Israel Sumano, Sr Dir Infra Southland – MEP

Allowing Workspot to take care of the underlying VDI infrastructure has really helped our IT department focus on supporting end-users as opposed to supporting infrastructure.”

Travis Nieves – IT Mgr, AGDATA – Data Mgmt

“Welcome to the future of Enterprise Computing. Welcome to Team Workspot.”

– Mark Templeton, Workspot Chairman

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Watch the Fireside Chat

Join us for a behind-the-scenes Fireside Chat with the new President and COO of Workspot, Brad Tompkins!

Fireside Chat
Modernize and Simplify

Cloud-native VDI eliminates complexity, reduces TCO & delivers greater agility…

The Future of the Desktop is in the Cloud

Be prepared for any business dynamic. Modern virtual desktops are the only solution that deliver that kind of agility…

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